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1. Data & Cloud Services

A full-stack technology is imperative to build insightful business intelligence and to realize your business goals.


Stabilis’ certified professionals translate your data cloud goals into reality. Whether you need a comprehensive end-to-end solution or are simply to fill in gaps, we’ll partner with you to provide a right-sized, right-priced model. 


Stabilis can help you consolidate your data in one place and unveil insights from within the data. We help create a centralized source of truth for metrics and business definitions. We build custom applications that allow you to initiate and analyze new strategies and quickly react to changing business and market dynamics.


Our full-stack services for data and cloud services encompass Data & Cloud Strategy, Solution Architecture, Data Engineering, Modernization, Migration to Optimization and Managed services

Data & Cloud Services
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Built from the ground up for the cloud, Snowflake’s unique multi-cluster shared data architecture delivers the performance, scale, elasticity, and concurrency today’s organizations require.

Snowflake is a single, integrated platform delivered as-a-service. It features storage, compute, and global services layers that are physically separated but logically integrated. Data workloads scale independently from one another, making it an ideal platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, modern data sharing, and developing data applications.

An effective data environment and a data-centric culture are indispensable for a successful IT strategy implementation and competitive differentiation.  You need a full tech-stack of products and data flow for timely actionable insights from your Snowflake data.  We’ll help you devise a data-driven business strategy and then build analytics systems customized to meet your specific needs. We will ensure your business capitalizes on the full benefits of the Snowflake platform. Next, we’ll work intimately with your internal business leaders, data engineers, analysts and IT teams to seamlessly transfer the skills. 

2. Smart Connected Products

Smart, connected products link products, processes, ecosystems, and people. Insights and predictive analytics enable creating new products that are consumer-friendly, competitively differentiated, stay ahead of the curve with strong market penetration. Our Human-centered AI approach is anchored on the core belief that connected ecosystems will build a better future.


Stabilis has extensive experience in creating smart products and capabilities from chip to cognition to cloud. 

Smart Connected Products
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Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Remote servicing and 


Remote care services


Remote upgrade

Augmented reality for service

Connected Services 


Vehicle Infotainment


Patient vitals monitoring

Machine-to-Machine /IIOT


Conversational Intelligence

Connectivity Enablement


Smart enable non-intelligent devices 

Connect to IOT ecosystem

Extended Services


Field Services

Consumable replenishment

Pay as you use models

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